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Software Support

We can install and safeguard your network and applications. We supply the support to ensure continuity of your computer operations and business systems.

We service a variety of different companies throughout East Anglia, the East Midlands and London, having from three to more than 100 networked PCs - each with their own special requirements.

When you have a question or problem, we respond to contract Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by email, fax or phone, and by personal call when necessary.

We operate a points system of charging. You purchase a certain number of points which you use as you call us to invoke a service. We provide you with a monthly statement of work done and when you have used all of your points you can purchase more points according to your level of need. This method provides you with security without a large administrative overhead. We bill you once for your points and then provide you with monthly statements of work carried out. If you don't use the service your points can be carried over.

Key Benefits

  • response to server faults within 4 working hours, and to workstation failures within 8 working hours;

  • willingness to work round the clock if necessary to solve your urgent problems;

  • whilst your system is running properly, it costs you nothing - we don't charge retainers or other account charges;

  • all of our technical support staff are Microsoft qualified;

  • monthly statements show your account status; and

  • hardware can also be covered - see our Hardware Maintenance page.


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