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New: Version 2.6 now released - KPI reporting conforms to the latest QAG framework.

DSA MAP makes organizing the DSA application process more efficient and effective for both centre staff and student applicants. By computerizing activities that are time-consuming, repetitive, open to mistakes, and difficult to audit, DSA MAP makes access to data easy and provides automatically the monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports and annual statistics that satisfy QAG reporting and audit requirements.

The program has been designed and developed in close association with access centres to meet the requirements for ease of use, functionality and low cost of ownership. DSA MAP handles the whole process from the moment of first contact to the point that the final report is delivered and an invoice sent to the funding body.

It records:

It shows you at a glance:

It simplifies:

In addition:

We are committed to updating DSA MAP to meet any new requirements from QAG and other bodies.

For full details of DSA MAP features, see DSA Features PDF

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