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About Resoco Ltd

Resoco is committed to the design and development of easy-to-use software that brings exceptional efficiencies to the way that small businesses work and people organize their lives.

Our products are built to do well the things that users need. They do not have the complexity and high price tags of larger systems.  We give our users the features they really need – features that maximize the benefits of computerization and bring high levels of cost-effectiveness.

Our clients want to concentrate on doing better what they already do. Resoco therefore gives high priority to providing a programme environment in which users feel comfortable – an ergonomic design which makes data entry logical and follows familiar routines for information retrieval.

We are aware that many of our clients have little experience of IT and are very wary of introducing computerized systems to their businesses and staff. Resoco operates a 'hand holding' consultancy and training service that helps overcome fears and ensures a smooth and structured introduction of our programs into the workplace.

We work closely with our clients to provide the hardware and network support that they need.