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Resoco provides simple-to-use software that brings exceptional efficiencies to the way that people work and businesses organize their operations.

DSA Map simplifies the whole process of DSA assessments for Access Centres from first contact to delivery of the final report. The latest version (V2.6) of this product gives you more control and more features. Conforms to the latest QAG framework for quality reporting. Robot Stores provides computerized stock control and production tracking with ISO9000 traceability for manufacturing companies in the metalwork, plastics, electronics, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
BugTask is a quick and simple means for recording reported errors in software and managing their resolution. It enables small development and update teams co-operatively to assign and resolve program errors in a timely manner. Recaudit is a collection of software modules for recording, monitoring and reporting on a wide range of business processes, especially where they are subject to internal or external audit.

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Robot Stores V2 is a radical redesign and restructuring of our established manufacturing program to bring increased usability and functionality for SMEs. Wasted keeps accurate and reliable records on the use and disposal of hazardous waste.